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R & D

Technology research and development Shandong Galaxy Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, with strong technical R & D capabilities, has a professional R & D team, built a technologically advanced, well-equipped R & D center. It has such honorary qualifications as “Jining City Enterprise Technology Center” and “Jining City Hyaluronic Acid Engineering Technology Center”. As the world's only producer of "bioactive hyaluronic acid," it has collaborated with several companies to develop a "bioactive hyaluronic acid" project. At the same time, the company undertook the Sishui County Graduates Training Base Project to cultivate more talents for the society.

The current galactic biological R&D center has 8 master's or higher academic qualifications and rich professional knowledge. The company has a dedicated research and development headquarters and a complete R & D center. It is a test base for the company's new product development, product and process upgrades. The R&D Center has established strategic partnerships with well-known suppliers such as Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jahwa Co., Ltd., and formed a product technology research and development platform centering on independent research and development technology, butting frontier technology, leveraging external and internal services. The company now has a number of patents, and has entered the production and use, resulting in a huge production and social benefits.



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